About Me

I am an introvert who is passionate about writing, cooking, and the realm of spirituality and living mindfully. I love to share what I know about each, and to teach others, hoping in some way that my my knowledge (however limited or vast) can help someone find their passions and path in this life.

Although I personally live a very spiritual life, I will usually only speak of living mindfully to others. Even having a boyfriend who is interested in spirituality, I limit whom I speak to about it simply because there have been many cases in which I try to share it and was not well received.

My dad instilled in me a never-ending love for cooking before he passed away. I one day hope to open a cafe that will serve delicious meals and coffee, as well as provide a warm, welcoming, and accepting environment. I experiment, sample, and tweak recipes all the time, and doubt I’ll ever stop creating “evil” things (as my family calls them).

I began writing after my dad passed away, over a decade ago, and though I am not published, I have had plenty of practice with numerous novels and stories. I can remember what it was like when I started out, trying to find my writing style and voice, and figuring out how to piece my stories together. I still need motivation and inspiration sometimes, and writing about writing sparks it for some reason.

Cooking is a deep love of mine, spirituality and mindfulness are my lifestyle, and writing is the passion at the center of it all that keeps my heart beating and life flowing. My final love and passion is for caffeine. Preferably in coffee form, but tea is also acceptable if I’ve consumed at least 1 cup of coffee already.

I also love to play video games to get my mind of writing, as well as the occasional game of DnD with friends, or canasta with my family. In order to incorporate mild exercise and meditation through movement into my life I have recently added Qigong and Tai Chi to my daily routine, on an alternating schedule.

It is my hope that in sharing what I know of writing, as well as occasionally sharing my other passions, I can help others learn their writing craft, and perhaps find some sort of balance in their lives.